Internet of Things

Gartner Hype of Emerging Tech 2014

According to Gartner’s 2014 Hype of Emerging Technologies, there is Internet of Things which is most expected. Well, in this post, I would like to shed light on the term ‘Internet of Things’ as this term is becoming more popular.


Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of all Internet enabled things. Objects of our daily life: garments, animals, appliances and trees, if enabled with a capability to provide data, can do so.

An ex of IoT and Wireless Sensor Networks communicating:

A person being driven home from his office, in an automated car. The car heads home, en route is alerted by a traffic signal that there is traffic congestion ahead. The car uses its location information, drives via an alternate route. When it is about 15 mins from home, it informs the devices at home of its expected time of arrival. Upon receiving this information, the heating system at home is turned on, the basic lighting is turned on and the coffee machine is signaled. The coffee machine responds indicating that the milk and cream levels are low and orders them at the local store. The car is instructed to drive by the store. Upon the car’s arrival at the store, the store assistant hands over the ready package containing the milk and cream, following which the car reaches home.

Internet of Things

IoT will help enhance the overall quality of life by making smart home and smart cities a reality.

My first experience as editor in chief

I always had a thought about the publication of school magazine during the old but gold days during college. Had noticed that the editorial team had much stress, running here and there trying to get articles from different departments. It was the Art department that usually produces the cover page artwork. It was always a question mark for me in my mind about the layout of the magazine etc.. I sometimes got opportunity to enter the printing press of MGI and was amazed by the big Apple Mac tower on table.

Well today, after nearly 2 months of time spent working on the BCS Souvenir Magazine, feeling proud that same has been ‘ready for print’ today, 8 Oct. 2014. Well all started with first meetings on discussing the contents of the magazine. Then preparation for the sponsorship of the magazine started. Had contacted many IT companies, only a few responded back. Finally all the ads were sold quickly. Discovered that some reputed Telecommunications company would make payment only after having received a copy of the magazine.

Then came the important told of collaboration by the editorial team on the writing of the different articles. Google Docs had an important role in it, as well as Dropbox for the sharing of photos for the souvenir gallery.

Had a Graphic Designer which astonishingly uses Adobe Illustrator 10 and Adobe Photoshop 10 in order to work on graphics. Was astonished. I thought the layout would be done in Adobe InDesign or QuarkExpress. Had already purchased 2 InDesign templates for contemporary design magazines. Amongst the starting block was the finalised texts; I admit that even during last minute, had to work on finalising texts or still receiving hi-res photos. One has to painfully chase reponsible authors in order to complete their respective article and send before deadline… This is where ‘Gentle Reminders’ play an important role.

For the cover page, it was decided after brainstorming sessions about the concept i.e Cloud computing. It was after purchasing stock photos that some cover designs were made and the final one chosen and approved by board.

As I conversed with the Printing Press owner, publishing a magazine takes time as there’s lot of work involved. I completely agree as I spent several hours word processing, looking for photos, working on Adobe products with the graphist. Each day was a new day during which the work would get improved.

As I had followed the printing process of ‘AYGO KUTTE KI MAUT’ trifold brochure, had an idea about how the process would be ‘CMYK’ etc..

Personally, it was a great learning experience and hats off to the collaborating team members and press team.

Looking forward receiving 500 copies of same in 10 days, and for its official launch on 25 oct. 2014.

3D Animation in Blender

Hello friends,

Its nice to be back in the classrooms of  ‘film productions‘ diploma course, after nearly 2 months of holidays! Yesterday, 20 Aug got the results and I am satisfied. Specially with an A+ in Intro to Animation. Yuhu! Results of other modules – Cinematography and Storytelling being OK, let me talk about the amazing world of animation…

The last semester was very interesting as well as challenging working for this module as we have been introduced to the production of 2 types of videos: Stop – Motion Animation and 3D Animation. For Stop-motion animation, one has to be very patient to take the several photographs which are then to be assembled in a video editing software.

As part of assignment, we had to produce a stop motion animation to market a product. The video should be accompanied by the appropriate jingle/music and should be marketing-oriented in order to convince consumers to buy the product, which is an innovative one and newly being launched in the Mauritian market.

Interesting…We did on ‘Marchand de Sable’ – Torti Dodo, the product being a small electronic device, when switched on displays a cool ambience in the room of the baby, so that the latter can go to sleep quietly…

The next series of tutorials were on Blender 3D animation.

In Blender, learning all the shortcuts was daunting but in the end, it proved helpful to quickly proceed with the sculpting of objects (cube etc.)

blender animation

The final exams were on developing a 3D cube world and a moving camera around this world. The animation should last for about 30 Seconds, accompanied with a matching music.

I personally like the Open Source software Blender, as you can do the work with it! of course it require years of practice and experience. Some interesting sites linked to blender are:, etc.

In Mauritius there is Avarts Arts Studio that produce Professional 3D animations and as well as courses in it..

One can render awesome graphics with Blender:


One of the discussions in class that we had is that the Industry of Cinema is using more of 3D Animation technology for many reasons, the most obvious one being Cost. The lecturer argued that more films will use actors plugged with sensor, whereby their movements are captured to produce movements on screen for the 3D character.

To conlude, I would say that CGI artists working in the film industry / graphics industry are more in demand. In Mauritius, there is AUTO-CAD being used for modelling purposes. for eg. Xworks (moka) is reputed for generated 3D models of real estates