Air Mauritius has welcomed the delivery of new Airbus A350 aircraft to Mauritius and is excited to share our fleet’s new addition with customers and fans.

His new mission recorded, the MK 07 took off at 2 am on 20 October from Toulouse towards Plaisance. 5 years is the time to design the aircraft in Airbus plants. This is the first A350, a series of 6, which consolidates the fleet of Air Mauritius. 

Benefits of the Aircraft:


Passengers can now enjoy great connectivity for their devices on the A350-900 journeys with in-flight wifi

In-flight entertainment

The new A350-900 offers the latest generation in-flight entertainment so you can watch your favourite shows and movies in HD.

Quiet cabins

With up to 4 times less noise than its competitors, the A350-900’s cabins allow for a more restful, relaxing flight

More comfortable seats

Wider seats in economy and vertical sidewalls mean you will have more room to get comfortable in the A350-900

Full flat seats

Comfortable full-flat seats for getting a restful sleep while flying are available in the new A350-900

Restful ambient lighting

The innovative LED ambient lighting system on board the A350-900 helps reduce fatigue and jet lag for long-haul travellers.

Less Fuel

With 25% less fuel burn and 25% less CO2 emissions, flights on the A350-900 are more efficient and environmentally friendly.