The festival is dedicated Lord Murugan who answers prayers, and is also a day of penance. The people who make their vows here show gratitude by undergoing the sacrificial self-mortification during the ceremonial event. The Tamil Hindu community has made this an important festival date in their calendar.

During the Thaipoosam Festival, religious people undertake several rituals and rites. There are participants and devotees who carry out sacrificial acts of prayers. The cultural event involves praying to Murugan while carrying Cavadee to show gratitude. It is decorated using flowers and fruits. Devotees attach it to their bodies using hooks and skews piercing through their skin.

Before anyone takes this ritual, they have to do some preparations in the form of a sacrificial act. First, you must observe a strict mental and physical discipline. It is because the Thaipoosam Festival is a celebration of one month of prayer. People eat strict vegetarian diet and do other ritual practices like remaining pure by avoiding sex. The ceremony is witnessed by supporters who surround these groups, while saying prayers and giving the encouragement.