The Finals of the English Drama Festival was held on Thursday 31st May 2018 at 10 30hrs at Rabindranath Tagore Institute, Ilot D’Epinay.

Three Best plays were presented as follows:

“THE LAST PETAL” – Vacoas National Arts

English Drama Festival Mauritius

“THE WINDOW” – Tamil League Drama Club

“THE UNSUNG HERO” – Prof. Basdeo Bissoondoyal College Drama Club

English Drama Mauritius


Special Jury Awards:
Celina Beekarry
Disha Reetoo – The National Drama Struggle

Special Prize for Beginner Group:
MGSS Flacq Young Warriors – Unity in Diversity

Special Prize for the theme “lame dans lame”: MGSS Nouvelle France

Special Prize for the theme “Maurice – Ile Moderne”: Association Ensemble

Special Prize for the theme “Tribute to our Ancestors”: Prof. Basdeo Bissoondoyal – the unsung hero

Special Prize for Actress under 15 years: Taylor Lazarre (The real inspector hound)

Special Prize for Actor under 15 years: Aidon Ashcon

Special Prize for Most Promising Young Actress: Krishni Sookur (Beauty is a Best – Lady Sushil Ramgoolam SSS)

Special Prize for most Promising Young Actor: Hemant Patel (The Window – by Tamil League Drama Club)

Second Best Actress: Aishwarya Devi – Vacoas National Arts

Second Best Actor: Rajeshwar Seetohul – Vacoas National Arts

Theatre Mauritius

Best Actress: Parmeshwari Permaloo – The Window – Tamil League

Best Actor: Chetan Anand Huzooree – Prof Basdeo Bissoondoyal College

Drama Festival Best Actor Mauritius

Best Local Writer: Shirish Rama – Independence in its true sense

Best Set Designer: Mahesh Vijendra – Prof Basdeo Bissoondoyal College

Best Set Designer MauritiusSecond Best Director: Mrs. Mailavadi Govinden

Best Director: Mr. Raja Naga

Best Director Award - English Drama MauritiusBest College Team: Le Bocage International School

Third Best Play: The Last Petal: Vacoas National Arts

Second Best Play: Tamil League – The Window – Tamil League

Best Play: The Unsung Hero – Prof Bissoondoyal College

The Unsung Hero - English Drama Mauritius