PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT NO. 117 OF 2017
                                                           Vacancies for Post of Project Officer/Senior Project Officer
Prime Minister’s Office (National Development Unit)

Applications are invited from qualified candidates who wish to be considered for appointment as Project Officer/Senior Project Officer in the Prime Minister’s Office (National Development Unit).

Candidates, unless already in the Service, should not have reached their 40th birthday by the closing date for the submission of applications.

A. Candidates should be registered as a Registered Professional Engineer of Mauritius in the field of Civil Engineering with the Council of Registered Professional Engineers of Mauritius under Section 13 of the Registered Professional Engineers Council Act No. 49 of 1965, and as subsequently amended.

B. Candidates should also –
(i) possess good communication, interpersonal, leadership and supervisory skills;
(ii) have sound administrative and organising abilities; and
(iii) be computer literate.

1. Candidates should produce written evidence of experience/knowledge claimed.
2. Candidates should submit a copy of their certificate of registration as Professional Engineer together with their Application Form.
3. The onus for the submission of written evidence of experience/knowledge claimed and equivalence of qualification (if applicable) from the relevant authorities (Tertiary Education Commission or Mauritius Qualifications Authority) rests on the candidates. Applications will not be considered in case of non-submission of written evidence of experience/knowledge claimed and Equivalence Certificate, as appropriate, by the closing date.

1. To assist in the implementation of projects within the Technical Division of the National Development Unit.
2. To work in close collaboration with the Project Managers and the Chief Project Manager and to report to them on all projects and matters relating there to.
3. To work in collaboration with Parliamentary Private Secretaries, Local Authorities and other bodies for initiation of projects and to seek clearances from Ministries/Local Authorities.
4. To prepare project write-up and tender documentation and provide assistance for tender evaluation and draft letters of award.
5. To be responsible for designing, preparing scope of works and supervising building and civil engineering projects.
6. To effect measurement on site before the start and after completion of projects.
7. To draft Commencement, Practical and Final Handing Over Certificate to be issued by the Chief Project Manager.
8. To supervise and monitor projects on site and to submit technical reports and regular progress reports on projects.
9. To supervise works executed by private contractors for the Ministry and to submit reports on their performance.
10. To guide and supervise subordinate staff working under his responsibility and graduate engineers posted in the Ministry in their professional training.
11. To conduct and participate in site meetings.
12. To advise and make appropriate recommendations on contractual issues.
13. To certify payment to contractors and/or consultants and to examine and process payment certificates for payment as well as on completion of projects for finalisation of accounts of projects.
14. To use ICT in the performance of his duties.
15. To perform such other duties directly related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of the output and results expected from the Project Officer (now Project Officer/Senior Project Officer) in the roles ascribed to him.

The permanent and pensionable post carries salary in scaleRs 29,400 x 775 – 32,500 x 925 – 37,125 x 1,225 – 40,800 x 1,525 – 49,950 x 1,625 – 62,950 a month.

The Project Officer/Senior Project Officer is entitled to the following benefits:
(a) 100% duty remission for the purchase of a car with petrol engine capacity of up to 1500 c.c.once every seven years;
(b) loan facilities for the first purchase of a car equivalent to 21 months’ salary with interest rate of 4% per annum, refundable in 84 months instalments;
(c) a monthly travelling allowance of Rs11,500 both for attending duty and for official travelling;
(d) passage benefits at the rate of 5% of the annual salary drawn; and
(e) refund to the full amount of annual subscription fee payable to the relevant professional body.

1. Qualified candidates should submit their application on PSC Form 7 which may be obtained either from the Enquiry Counter of the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms, Ground Floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port Louis or from the Enquiry Counter of the Public Service Commission, 7, Louis Pasteur Street, Forest Side or from the Chief Commissioner’s Office, Port Mathurin, Rodrigues or from the offices of the Mauritius High Commissions/Embassies overseas.
2. Candidates already in the service should submit their application in duplicate, the original to be sent directly to the Secretary, Public Service Commission and the duplicate through their respective Supervising/Responsible Officers.
3. This advertisement together with the Application Form (PSC Form 7) are available on the website of the Public Service Commission

4. Candidates are encouraged to submit on-line application through the government web portal at
5. Acknowledgement of applications will be made, as far as possible, by e-mail. Candidates are therefore advised to submit their e-mail address.
6. Candidates are also advised to read carefully the “NOTES AND INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES” before filling in the Application Form. Care should be taken to fill in the Application Form correctly. Incomplete, inadequate or inaccurate filling of the Application Form may entail elimination of the applicant.

Applications should reach the Secretary, Public Service Commission, 7, Louis
Pasteur Street, Forest Side, not later than 3.00 p.m. on Monday 27 November 2017.

Public Service Commission,
7, Louis Pasteur Street,
Date: 07 November 2017                                                                                                                                                                     FOREST SIDE.