The Open University of Mauritius (OU) is a public university established as per the Open University of Mauritius Act 2010, OU is an ISO-Certified public university that aims at delivering quality education to learners locally and internationally through the open distance learning mode.

OU is presently updating its database of Part-Time Lecturers for all its modules. Interested candidates are invited to apply.

Profile of Part-Time Lecturer

Qualifications: Applicants must have an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree from a recognised University in a field directly related to the
module(s) to be taught.

Experience: (i) Teaching/Practitioner/Research experience in a field directly related to the module/s to be taught
(ii) Experience in Open and Distance Learning

Skills: Use of online learning platforms such as MOODLE

First-time Applicants

First-time applicants should fill in the online application form (click here).

First-time applicants must submit the following documents: a hard copy of the application form; copy of NID; all academic certificates
(post-secondary only); and a brief CV (one page only). Please sign on each page of the documents submitted.

All documents mentioned above should be sent by registered post within one week (7 days).

Existing Part-Time Lecturers and applicants who applied last year

Applications of candidates who had applied last year as well as those already appointed as Part-time Lecturers at OU have been retained on OU’s
database. These candidates need not fill in the online application form afresh. However, these candidates should confirm their applications as

Candidates should log in to the online application portal on using their existing username and password
to go through their online application form and make any amendment, if required, before clicking on “confirm”.

If the application form has been updated with new qualification(s) obtained and/or new employment, candidates should submit a copy of the
certificate(s) and updated CV by registered post within one week (7 days) from the closing date

Failure to confirm your existing application will lead to your elimination from the database.
1. All documents must be sent to The Director General, Open University of Mauritius, REDUIT. Please sign on each page of the
documents submitted. Please mention “Part-Time Lecturer” on the top right-hand corner of the envelope.
2. Selected applicants will be convened only when the need arises.
3. Applicants employed in the Civil Service or Parastatal Organisations will be required to submit a “letter of release” from their employers
at the time an offer is made to them.
4. Remuneration rates and other conditions will be communicated at the time an offer is made.
5. The enlistment shall not give the Part-Time Lecturer any claim for employment on the permanent and pensionable establishment of OU.
6. The University reserves the right to convene only the best qualified candidates and reject any application without giving any reason thereof.
Moreover, the university shall not contact any applicant in case his/her application is considered unsuccessful, and reserves the right not to
make any enlistment following this advertisement.

Closing date to submit online application: 1 June 2018

19 May 2018