The University of Technology, Mauritius (UTM) invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for appointment as Part Time Lecturer in fields and specialisation as detailed below:

  1. Health Sciences

Fields Minimum requirement Mental Health Disorders; Mental Health Counselling; Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Psychology;

  1. Business, Management and Finance


Accounting Marketing Banking Operation Research Economics Procurement Information Technology Project Management Language Quality Management Law Statistics and Quantitative Modules Logistics and Transport Taxation and Auditing

Master’s Degree in Mental Health/Psychology or any related field with professional experience Health Promotion, Healthcare Management, Quality Assurance (in healthcare services), Healthcare Policy, Healthcare Economics;

Master’s Degree in Health Services management /public health or related subject with professional experience Land Surveying, Town and Country Planning; Fluid Mechanics, Waste Management; Water Management; Geotechnical Engineering;

Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering or any related field

Geriatric Care Management; Pathology, Palliative Care; Social Security Legislation, Aging Psychology;

Master’s degree in Gerontology or any related field

Teaching and/or coaching at professional level in basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, athletics, table tennis, judo; Sports Education, Sports Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Sports Management;

Bachelor’s degree in Education and/or sports with experience in teaching or practicing sports at professional level

Pharmacotherapy, Pharmacy Management, Pharmacy Legislation, Pharmacovigilance

Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences or any related field

Biochemistry, Hematology, Biotechnology

Bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences or any related field

Food chemistry; Food product entrepreneurship; Food processing.

Bachelor’s degree in food sciences/ agriculture or any related field

The minimum qualifications for the above fields are as follows;

➢ For certificate Level, the minimum qualification is a degree in the respective field; ➢ For degree Level, the minimum qualification is a Master degree in the respective field; ➢ For master Level, the minimum qualification is a Master degree/PhD and experience in the

respective field.

  1. Sustainable Development and Tourism

Fields Minimum Qualification Language : Spanish, German, Mandarin and Italian Fire Safety Occupational Health

A first degree in the relevant field with experience

Occupational Rehabilitation & Compensation Counselling Pure Social Sciences

MSc/ MA in the relevant field

  1. Innovative Technologies and Engineering, fields:

Applied Mathematics

Graphics Design (Digital Publishing, Sound Editing, Video Editing, amongst others) Computer Architecture and Operating Systems Management Electronics Multimedia Entrepreneurship Security (Network, Web, etc.) Film and Video Production Statistics

The minimum qualification for the above mentioned fields is a Master’s Degree in the relevant discipline.

Note: Candidates should preferable be available to teach during office hours, or should indicate their availability in their application form.

Mode of Application

Applications should be made on the prescribed forms which can be downloaded from the UTM website:

Closing Date

Duly filled application forms together with photocopies of all supporting documents, birth, NIC, educational certificates as well as evidence of experience claimed should reach The Human Resource Department, University of Technology, Mauritius, La Tour Koenig, Pointe Aux Sables, 11134 not later than 15:00 hrs on 30 November 2018 by registered post. Applicants are also requested to submit the application form online


Job Vacancy Part Time Lecturer UTM Application Form

Important Notes:

  1. The post and fields applied for should be clearly marked on the top-left corner of the


2. Applicants who wish to apply for more than one field/specialization must submit a separate application for each field. 3. Care should be taken to fill in the application form correctly. Incomplete, inadequate

or inaccurate filling of the application form may entail a candidate’s elimination.

The University of Technology, Mauritius reserves the right:

(i) to call only the best qualified applicants for interview, and (ii) not to make any appointment as a result of this advertisement.

Acting Registrar 15 November 2018