Vacancies for Post of Flight Data Officer
Civil Aviation Department

Applications are invited from qualified candidates who wish to be considered for appointment as Flight Data Officer in the Civil Aviation Department.


Candidates, unless already in the service, should not have reached their 40th birthday by the closing date for the submission of applications.


Candidates should possess:
A. Cambridge School Certificate with credit in at least five subjects including English Language, French, Mathematics and Physics obtained at not more than two sittings or Passes not below grade C in at least five subjects including English Language, French, Mathematics and Physics obtained at not more than two sittings at the General Certificate of Education “Ordinary Level” provided that at one of the sittings, passes have been obtained either (i) in five subjects including English Language with at least Grade C in any two subjects or (ii) in six subjects including English Language with at least Grade C in any one subject.


Candidates not possessing a credit in English Language at the Cambridge School Certificate will also be considered provided they possess passes in at least two subjects at “Principal Level” and one subject at “Subsidiary Level” as well as the General Paper obtained on one certificate at the Cambridge Higher School Certificate Examinations.

B. A Cambridge Higher School Certificate with passes at “Principal Level” in Mathematics and Physics obtained on one certificate or Passes in Mathematics and Physics obtained on one certificate at the General Certificate of Education “Advanced Level”.


Equivalent qualifications to A and B above acceptable to the Public Service Commission.

C. Candidates should –
(i) have a very good command of spoken English and French and speech should be free from any accent or impediment which could adversely affect radio communication; and
(ii) be computer literate.


1. Qualification at A above should have been obtained prior to qualification at B above.

2. Candidates should produce written evidence of knowledge claimed.

3. The onus for the submission of written evidence of knowledge claimed and equivalence of qualification (if applicable) from the relevant authorities (Tertiary Education Commission or Mauritius Qualifications Authority) rests on the candidates. Applications will not be considered in case of non-submission of Equivalence Certificate, as appropriate, by the closing date.

4. The Commission reserves the right to convene only the best qualified candidates for interview.


Selected candidates will be required to undergo a medical examination to be carried out by the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life to assess the standards of medical fitness including visual acuity, colour perception and hearing.

1. To exchange aeronautical communications for the provision of aeromobile and aerofixed services.

2. To provide flight information service and alerting services, as may be required.

3. To maintain a continuous watch on the assigned communication

4. To operate an Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) switch and manage messages functions such as editing retrieval, searching and archiving.

5. To prepare, save, defer, print and route Air Traffic Services (ATS) messages including emergency messages.

6. To prepare quarterly statistics and furnish other returns, as may be required.

7. To assist Air Traffic Control Officers in the following duties –
(i) the processing of flight data and co-ordination of such data with other Air Traffic Control Units;
(ii) the management of flight progress strips; and
(iii) relaying serviceability reports, meteorological information and navigation warnings.

8. To use ICT in the performance of his duties.

9. To perform such other duties directly related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of the output and results expected from the Flight Data Officer in the roles ascribed to him.


1. Flight Data Officers are required to work on shift covering a 24-hour service including night duty and work on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and officially declared cyclone days and during emergencies.

2. Flight Data Officers may be required to follow such theoretical, practical or on-the-job training courses locally and/or overseas, as may be approved and arranged.

3. Flight Data Officers may be posted on a tour of service to Rodrigues or any of the Outer Islands of the Republic of Mauritius. The permanent and pensionable post carries salary in scale Rs 14,875 x 275 – 15,150 x 300 – 15,750 x 325 – 17,700 x 375 – 19,575 x 475 – 21,950 x 625 – 23,200 x 775 – 32,500 x 925 – 37,125 x 1,225 – 38,350 a month.

1. Qualified candidates should submit their application on PSC Form 7 which may be obtained either from the Enquiry Counter of the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms, Ground Floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port Louis or from the Enquiry Counter of the Public Service Commission, 7, Louis Pasteur Street, Forest Side or from the Chief Commissioner’s Office, Port Mathurin, Rodrigues or from the offices of the Mauritius High Commissions/Embassies overseas or download here New-PSC Form 7

2. Qualified candidates already in the service should submit their application in duplicate, the original to be sent directly to the Secretary, Public Service Commission and the duplicate through their respective Supervising/Responsible Officer.

3. This advertisement together with the Application Form (PSC Form 7) are available on the website of the Public Service Commission at

4. Candidates are encouraged to submit on-line application through the government web portal at

5. Acknowledgement of applications will be made, as far as possible, by e-mail. Candidates are therefore advised to submit their e-mail address.

6. Candidates are also advised to read carefully the “NOTES AND INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES” before filling in the Application Form. Care should be taken to fill in the Application Form correctly. Incomplete, inadequate or inaccurate filling of the Application Form may entail elimination of the applicant.

Applications should reach the Secretary, Public Service Commission, 7, Louis Pasteur Street, Forest Side, not later than 3.00 p.m. on Thursday 23 November 2017.

Public Service Commission,
7, Louis Pasteur Street,
Date of advertisement: 10 November 2017 FOREST SIDE.