Today was a great Saturday of teaching to BSc Information and Communications Technology (ICT) students at the Open University of Mauritius, Forest Side, Curepipe campus.
The yellow wasp landing for the first time in our class made it even interesting, chasing the lecturer’s laptop first, and then that of students. To finally, the poor insect found a way out by itself. I did not allow killing of the poor creature, even though the insect might hurt anybody in the lab. “No killing” being one of the 5 precepts of Buddhism.
So, today before starting the class, met a friend who just did payment via MCB juice and by miracle appeared just behind me. Realised his strong ambitions to become a CEO of a big company. Encouraged him to study till his Doctor in Philosophy (PhD). He wanted to take the Triplicate forms required in order to submit his assignment in IT.
Had my first Lavazza Coffee – Rs. 15, where the mug would magically appear! Weird that at that campus there is no nice cafeteria just as the University of Mauritius has at Reduit Campus.
Entered the MAC lab and got opportunity to meet Web Multimedia friend. A brief conversation on assignment uploading and exams paper preparation, ‘lecturers’s talk’. 🙂 before as student, it was about tackling assignments and exam papers!
Class started at 10.30. Some interesting websites discussed include: This website for the World Hindi Conference 2018 / Vishwa Hindi Sammelan features nice iconic designs. Attention is paid to Web Accessibility features. We also discussed in class the book: “Don’t Make me Think”, A common sense approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug.
We had a recap of the topics discussed in the previous class. Domain Name Registration, Purchase of Hosting. Felt nice to see student doing homework and finding new ways to purchase domain name and hosting for free. We discussed the previous website of a university implemented within less than 2 hours.
We went over all the units of the module and spent some time on Website Hosting. Support ticket system of hosting provider, cPanel. FTP connection. I asked questions about the other module that the students have just after my class on “Web Security”. Web Cookie, Cache. Encouraged students to participate in News Forum and to complete the Tutorials posted on the Moodle platform.
At the end, around 12.30, we talked on the Assignment to be submitted and on the last 2 coming classes where we would focus on upcoming examinations in November/December 2018.
On way back, had opportunity for tasting Halim Mouton. A hot soup in this cold and rainy curepipe was not a bad idea at all! Purchased some fruits and carrots (good for eyes) at Bazaar Port Louis. And enjoyed this nice YouTube Tedx talk on way back home – How to achieve your most ambitious goals:
Little changes
Remove distractions
Develop habits
Make good tiny little decisions for just small time
Smallest decisions at a time nothing more
Marginal adjustment to routine