Introductory Speech by Hon. Prithvirajsing Roopun, Minister of Arts and Culture.

Mr. Prakash Jha – Scriptwriter

About Prakash Jha, a multiple award-winning independent filmmaker from India, has produced and directed seventeen feature films, over. Some of his critically acclaimed films are Apaharan, Mrityudand, Parinati and Damul. He has also made Dil Kya Kare, Rahul and Hip Hip Hurray. Prakash Jha has won eight national awards.

Making movies for past 40 years

Grandmother telling a story to their children, whilst putting them to sleep. Story should have power to engage the mind. Story should continously keep me curious about the next thing to come.

A story becomes successful becomes it gives justice to our mind. It creates a logical interest we want to know. We want to know what happens next. it uses the intelligence of the audience to keep it going. whatever happens you feel satisfied, you feel that there is some completeness. Some justice out there.



Middle part – main curious struggle takes place


As a writer, you are actually like God. You are creating the characters, a new story. You are creating something which was not there before.

If you have a really good script, it is difficult to make a bad film.

As a writer, know from your own self. try to remember every single experience you had as a child. every single day, you observe, you compute.

Script is about characters who have multiple dimensions.