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Ahem, Ahem (Clearing the Throat, lol) Guys and Gurls, freshers of the University of Mauritius,….a new life is gonna start as from Monday 10 August 2009! University Life, Uni Student Life: its a different world folks, its the best moments of your life!

We hope that you have enjoyed your Orientation day and you have been “oriented” to the buildings, locations which are essential for your 3/ 3+ year course. However there are still lots of places which you have to explore by yourself given that the 3 hr orientation is not sufficient to visit the whole Réduit Campus.

Secondly, your programme co-ordinator. This is the lecturer who is assigned to help you during your course. He will be sending important information to your class representative. Yes, you have to elect (given we are in a Democracy) class representatives (usually one boy and one gurl). These lucky folks will liase with lecturers, faculty representatives, student union, programme co-ordinator and forward to you important communiqué. Elect someone who is cool and has a friendly personality and who is ready to “servir le peuple”! 🙂

Thirdly, communication within the class. Ok folks, given that you will spend your coming 3 years with these guys/gurls, you have to get to know them. Talk with them – what’s your good name, which college you went, where do you live (maybe you get a bus compagnion), do you know any of lecturers here, do you know any friend who has already done this course, why you like this course etc. etc… Its really important to have a method of communicating with your class. The most common one being, in this internet era: Email! You receive an official University Mail (for life) as You check your mails by going on

Maybe you are not used to check your emails because of slow (56 Kbps) or no internet connection at home. But you will be communicated important info. via your e-mail for eg. a last minute email from a lecturer cancelling the class on the eve, or even in the morning..eihhhhh….important to check mail na? Furthermore, having a common mailing system for your class is important. Honestly I think the idea of opening a class email like: and sharing the password with the class is not a good idea. Avoid this! you will suffer from problems like someone deleting received mails on the inbox so that others can’t access the info. As part of the solution, open a common mail like: so that by sending an email to this address, all students subscribed to this mailing list can receive the email, with no problem in their inbox. Create a google group on

Fourthly, prepare your computer dude/ dudette. You gonna need the printer, the appropriate software (MS Office for eg.), and an internet connection. Your PC or Mac (:D) or notebook PC (even better) will be your must-have tool in order to prepare assignments. Yeps, Assignments, deadline, virus in pendrive, crap net connection at the UoM labs, printer cartridge over etc. etc. this things will happen.

Fifth, Student Union and Faculty Representatives, Council Representatives. You will be called upon to vote for candidates. You will innocently be called at the voting box (usually Raised Plaza). Just be careful on your choice of voting. I won’t elaborate here.

Sixth, Don’t expect Spoonfeeding here at the uni. Yeps, don’t live in the illusion of being breast-feeded here folk. Ha,,its different here. You get powerpoint handouts, tutorials, research papers, notes taken etc…but not necessarily that these will be enough. Even the lecturer explanation is sometimes not enough (let apart some lecturers who don’t even care to explain well). Again, as part of the solution: Maryé Piké. Yes, groupwork helps. It is an efficient method at the university. To share knowledge amongst class mates. Remember:

A student acquires a quarter of his knowledge from his/her lecturer, another quarter from his/her own intelligence, another quarter from Uni friends, and the last quarter, in course of time, from experience”

Seventh: Enjoy university life man! Enjoy to the max. lots of events in the campus, parties, outings, joining badminton club, joining a society (Active Societies on the UoM Campus), festival celebration…etc etc.. Lots of things to do and enjoy with friends….Don’t hesitate to enjoy, you will regret it afterwards when you join the routine world of work!

Eight: Do an important Time Management. Remember you are sacrificing a lot of things in order to come and study at the university. If you know only “Fun! Fun! Fun!” in the campus and no “study”, then you are stuck my friend. Grab a few books and read a few uni articles from time to time.

Well, what else as precious advice to Freshers?? do not hesitate to comment guys…

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Bloggers guys (who are mostly from UoM or ex-UoM), if you have interesting link concerning UoM, please do paste!….

To Freshers, do not hesitate to open a blog ( or to share the goodness of being a fresher UoM Student. Believe me, blogging is healthy for your Student mind which is supposed to be a mind able of Critical Thinking!

Ben, c tou pour l’ instant, with the below words, I pen off…

Wish you a warm welcome to the University of Mauritius, Réduit Campus!

Welcome to UoM
Welcome to UoM