Orange Mauritius had a wonderful launch Ad video:

Today Feel reviewing that video again today and also my blog post on iPhone 3G in Mauritius. Well, as requested to Santa Claus, finally got my iPhone 3GS in end-December 2009 ūüėÄ ūüėÄ . Much of the credit goes to the Practical Training 2009. ¬†Only my work colleague knew my¬†dilemma¬†between an HTC and iPhone, the latter more costly than an Android-powered device. I had some quick experience of Android SDK but zero on Objective-C and COCOA and No Macbook :(.

Well, but finally, my ‘beaut√© de technologie’ is the beautiful white version for performance reasons and for the evolved number of applications for iPhone!

The only problem that I had upon purchase is the defective charging adapter. The guys at the ‘Service Apres Vente’ ¬†at Orange did acknowledge that there was this problem cropping up. I got a new adapter and pouf no problemo since then.

Since then, many changes in my daily computing routine:

  • doing emails on iPhone
  • event scheduling on Google Calendar via iPhone
  • another application do display coming events scheduled when the phone is locked
  • a lot of photos and videos taking for events
  • enjoying the GPS tracker
  • Notes taking
  • a real HTML5 compatible browser
  • contacts¬†synchronizing¬†(Google Contacts and SIM contacts)
  • lots of music/ videos (some videos which I tried to process and video edit on corel videostudio) on iPod
  • enjoying Wi-Fi spots in the R√©duit campus(though problematic sometimes) and Port-Louis Caudan

and many apps like:

  • Shazam – The amazing music discovery engine. This iPhone app permits you to identify music track being played and then store them or share them.
  • MxTube – Stream or Download YouTube videos
  • QuickOffice – I have my assignments or lecture notes on it. Great if you need to quick modify your project or have your lecture notes with you.
  • Games: Need For Speed, FIFA 2010, Rock Band (my favourite)
  • BabyScratch – a cool DJ Turntable

and many more to discover and talk on it yet.

Till now, having an iPhone was something that I had always wanted. I can’t stop talking about it or explaining about a cool feature that I have found about. In the future, looking forward to the another revolutionary device: Apple iPad. Many we would change our reading habit and prefer to have an iPad to carry lots of books/ magazine with you and in the morning have your electronic newspaper already downloaded upon purchase and to be read in the slim, shiny device.

I think the Apple Category tag gonna increase in size in the coming future ūüėÄ

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