The 2nd of November marks the symbolic arrival of indentured labour in Mauritius. Last year, in 2017, had a great experience at the Ministry of Arts and Culture to be working responsible for the Powerpoint presentation that was in the LED Screen. It was also a challenge to work with the contractor, finding solutions to problems on the spot. And another cultural item, the video being rendered and seconds before getting the final version. Had also been assisting a group participating in the cultural item.

For this year, participated in the Yaj. To my great pleasant surprise, saw the Minister of Arts and Culture and spouse participating in the prayers. This is first time in history, get to witness this view. Yaj starts very early as from 8am.

This year, lecturers and students from MGI presented cultural item entitled “Dharohar”. Unlike last year, the visuals were prepared this time by the MFDC.