The third day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Chandraghanta. Chandraghanta, has 10 arms and uses a lion as her vehicle. Goddess Chandraghanta embodies fearlessness and courage. She is ten armed and symbolizes bravery and is often represented holding an assortment of weapons in her hands. The presence of Chandra or half-moon that is shaped like a Ghanta or bell on her forehead is the reason she is called Chandraghanta. It was the sound of her Ghanta or bell that drove away the Asuras.

When Lord Shiva arrived at King Himavan’s palace for his marriage with Parvati, he came with a terrorizing form seeing which Parvati’s mother Maina Devi fainted in terror.

Parvati saw Shiva’s fearsome form and to save her parents and other family members, she transformed herself into Goddess Chandraghanta. By which, she persuaded Shiva to reappear in a charming form as prince decorated with countless jewels. They got married and Parvati revived her mother, father, and other members.

Goddess Chandraghanta is the representaiton of Supreme bliss and knowledge. It is said that by her blessings, all the sins, sufferings, bad energies etc are eliminated from her devotees’ life.

The devotees who adore and worship Chandraghanta develop and aura of divine splendour.