After a lunch session, the next Masterclass to start was on “The Power of Story


It was great to have quick chat with friends already in the field of drama, films production. Had the opportunity for a brief conversation with Taran Adarsh, on “how to become a critic”.

The masterclass started with introduction done by Taran Adarsh.  Anuraadha Tewari  is a Mumbai-based Indian writer and film director, working for the last 18 years in the Hindi film industry and most known for co-writing screenplay of films like, Fashion (2008), Jail (2010), and Heroine (2012). Fashion won her a Filmfare Award nomination for Best Screenplay as well nominations in the Screen and IIFA awards that year.

There are Three elements of a Story:

  • Character (who has a goal? what do they want?)
  • Plot (3-act structure. Who is your character? what does he/she wants?)
  • Structure (how do you want to tell your story)

People watch movies for art, but also for hope.

A story is always linear. A flashback is the beginnnig. Each phase/each act has its own phase of drama going on.

A screenplay is not.

  • A story is born out of your desire to create.
  • Once you arrive at the heart of the story, and figured invisible threads together, you get a vision doc.
  • from there on , you get the actual writing. the log line: the goal and the conflict
  • you get into the character part. central character – who takes the story forward.

Writers need nurturing.

Comprehension (how do you comprehend things?)

Beauty of Cinema: one is an artist and a technician.

Personally, the masterclass session was interactive, unlike all the other sessions.  Anuradha had a great charisma, intelligence, spirituality, making reference to Buddhist philosophy (compassion, Kōsen-rufu)


At the end of the sessions, had the chance to visit the SVICC main hall, where preparations were goign on for the Award Ceremony


It was a great day spent with masterclass delivered of good quality. Looking forward catching up same in 2019.