The timing of Bollywood film shootings in our home is never over.The point with the head of the Mauritius Film Development Corporation.

The wave of Bollywood filming is endless. After the team of Judwaa 2 , with actors Jacqueline Fernandez, Varun Dhawan and Taapsee Pannu, another production is expected for September. In total, it will be 50 days of filming for this film entirely realized with us.

The intrigue: a love triangle between a man and two women. Who are the characters who will embody the main characters? “We do not know yet. But, for the wicked, this is confirmed. It will be Rahul Dev, “ suggests Vikram Jootun, director of the Mauritius Film Development Corporation (MFDC). Rahul Dev will not be his first villain. He was in this register for Champion (with Sunny Deol, Manisha Koirala) in 2000, and the film in Punjabi, Dharti (2001).


For his new film, if the main actors are Indians, no less than 200 Mauritians should be recruited as part of his shooting.

A first hearing of potential local artists, conducted by the MFDC, took place on Saturday.

“I had the chance to listen to the songs from this movie. They are all very beautiful, “ says Vikram Jootun. He said he had proposed that a sega be included in the draft. A proposal which he said was favorably received by the Indian team.

Apart from the Bollywood films (and Hollywood with the film Serenity ), the country will host directors of Kollywood (Tamil films). “This follows our recent visit to Chennai. We approached all the major producers and directors to talk to them about the facilities they can enjoy by touring Mauritius. They seemed interested, “ says the director of the MFDC.

By “facilities”, Vikram Jootun intends both Film Rebate Scheme, but also the presence of line producers in Mauritius and the availability of equipment. “The Mauritians will also benefit from these shoots. Especially those who run hotels and restaurants and rent vehicles, “he says. It also serves to raise the local level. “Looking at the films programmed during festivals abroad, I think that we can do better,” he concludes.