After the intercollege film competition 2017 organised by the Mauritius Film Development Corporation (MFDC), in order to boost the Creative Arts Industry in Mauritius, and to promote the work of talented filmmakers in the Mauritius Film Sector/Industry, MFDC has launched the 7 Day Challenge.

The Theme for this year is “We Care”. The first edition of the 7 Day Challenge, also called a week of Adrenaline, Fun and Creative, in 2015 had the Theme “Social Issues”. The Second Edition of the challenge has the theme of “Domestic Violence”. 7 Day Challenge is about writing a script/screenplay, directing, producing/financing and editing a short film for only 13 minutes using a specific genre (documentary/fiction) and on the theme set by the MFDC. The Language of the short film can be in any spoken language in Mauritius (English, French, Creole, Hindi, Bhojpuri and other Oriental Languages).

Deadline for Registering for the Competition is Monday 11th Dec. 2017. Deadline for Film Submission of Film is Tuesday 19th Dec. 2017.

Filmmakers, Get Ready with your Script! Get your Actors on the Shooting Location! Technicians behind Film Camera, Sound Equipment. Lights, Camera and Action! All the best to the participants!