Rani Mukherjee in Mauritius

I have already shot a few movies in Mauritius and it’s always been a wonderful experience. Sea, Sand is just wonderful, it’s just God’s Paradise! So beautiful! You are lucky to be staying here.

I am also very happy to be here. Attending the First Film Festival in Mauritius. It’s always nice to be part of something which starts.

My Fans, all that I can say is Thank you for all the love, all the adulation, that you keep showing on me. I feel its like a blessing. Today i come here with my daughter, so it comes here all special to me.

But i think all the love that Mauritius people have always given me, encourages me to do better work, to do more work, because I truly believe, as an artiste, we can keep doing our roles, our characters, but if not liked, not watched by the audience, then we are nothing.

We are made stars by the people and we are for the people.

So it is very important for events like this, like film festival, which is such a great thing that started here. it gives me opportunities to come and meet Mauritian people. Because movies are screened in movie theatre, you don’t get the one on one with the audience. You just get to hear what they think and how they liked the movie.

This is an opportunity to meet them face to face. So I am feeling great and looking forward meeting Mauritian People.