Google Developer Days are a chance to learn about Google developer products from the engineers who built them. These one-day events will include seminars and codelabs on web technologies including Google Maps, OpenSocial, Android, Gears, Google Web Toolkit and more.

Here is a video to get you a “warm up” of what is Google Developer day. Notice the free food distribution. This is amongst one of the reasons why I want to be a proud Google employee 😀


Amongst the presentation on Google Developer days, I appreciated the one on “The State of the Open Web” by Brad Neuberg.

[slideshare id=780130&doc=state-of-the-open-web-gdd-2008-1227457400754916-9&w=425]

Brad Neberg (Developer Advocate at Google) presented it in Israel and Italy. Here is the review in Israel where you can watch his presentation as well as download the slides.

Another interesting one is: State of Ajax by Dion Almaer. Check it out on:

Another event is Google IO. Google I/O is a 2 day developer gathering in San Francisco focused on technical education for building better web applications. With a focus on Google developer products and open source initiatives, sessions span a range of topics relevant to web application developers, including AJAX & Javascript, Maps & Geo, Social applications, Development Tools, and Mobile

Amongst the different sessions, the one I find interesting is: Open Source is Magic by Google Open Source Programs Manager Chris DiBona. Here is the session slide and video.


another interesting is the keynote on Themes on iGoogle by Marissa Mayer:

So what’s your favourite presentation amongst all the Google events? what you find interesting in them? Share a bit with us….