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The Board of Investment (BOI) is pleased to invite you to the 2nd edition of the Mauritius Technopreneur initiative to discuss projects that could be developed by the Mauritian Technopreneur community on the Google platform, amongst others.

we were at the BOI conference hall at around 17:00.

It was very exciting to meet the ‘Mauritian Technopreneurs’ again, after the Google Mauritius 2009 event. To refresh our memory, the Google initiatives in Mauritius was launched on 5 Nov 2008 by the Hon. Rama Sithanen.

At around 17:10, Mr. Mahen Govinda – Director International Business Services at the BOI welcomed us, we the Mauritian Technopreneurs. Mahen’s style of presentation was great and showed an example of being experienced in making presentations. With an Anglo-Mauritian English accent, he knew his audience well.

Well, as a brief summary, what I have understood is that:

1) A list of pre-selected projects have been presented to us

2) We were introduced to the term ‘Business Angel’ . Also an interesting definition of the term ‘technopreneur’ was given

3) The required profile of a technopreneur: Young at mind, Web programming skills, passion for technology etc.

4) The roadmap to the commercialization of the projects

5) We are the players trying to forge efficient techniques and in the lounge there are giants like Microsoft and Google watching us.

My personal opinion on this initiative launched by the BOI is that: “creating something out of nothing” is not as easy as pressing on a button. I had raised the issue concerning the development of mobile applications running on iPhone which requires resources like: Macbook, Developers trained on the environment, overheads etc. I am not totally convinced yet of the concept “trace tracer do avek seki to ena”. I mean if you do not have the spare parts to build an engine, despite having an MSc Automobile engineering, replacing the genuine spare parts by cheap alternatives, would not always guarantee commercial success.

For now, maybe another business meeting with the Business Angels would let us breathe “Ahaaa….that’s interesting!”

We, the Mauritian Technopreneurs, we are optimistic 😀

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