Hello friends! Today a major milestone has been achieved as a road driver: Getting the license for Motocycle/Autocycle from Traffic Branch, Mauritius Police Force. I want to share with you some tips and advice which might be helpful to you.

Firstly, you need to complete the Oral Test.  You must buy your ‘Code de la Route’ book in order to answer a set of questions with the following aims:

  • Your ability to read and understand traffic signs
  • Your knowledge of the rules of the road
  • Your Knowledge of traffic signals by Drivers and Police.

Then, you will have the ‘Learner’.

You need to take an appointment for a Practical Driving Test for Motocycle at ‘Casernes’ Port Louis, appointment section. You need to pay Rs. 500 first, then take the payment receipt and queue up to the counter next to take an appointment. Typically, you get test session 3 months from the day you have applied. Finally, you take the receipt with the date inscribed on it and prepare yourself well for the test, which according to the Road Traffic Aim aims to assess your competency to drive your Motor vehicle on:

  • Starting off
  • Changing up and down of gears
  • Turning Right and Left hand corners correctly
  • Stopping at various speeds
  • Giving of signals while driving
  • Making a right hand turn and a left hand turn in reverse gear and back the vehicle into an indicated position
  • Turning the vehicle round so as to proceed in the opposite direction
  • Stopping, holding and starting the vehicle on a gradient.

The test is in two phase:

1. Serpentine Ride

2. Road Test Mauritius

Well, me personally, being a tech-savvy guy, I looked for youtube videos which could help me understand drive through the challenging ‘Serpentine test’:

Then you have to practice this with an experimented Moto Driver guiding you to drive slowly in between water bottles, simulating the real traffic cones:


Checklist for Motorcycle Driving Test in Mauritius:

  1. Payment receipt for rendez-vous
  2. Your current driving license with the Oral Test passed, of course
  3. National ID Card
  4. Insurance Cover
  5. Motocycle in good condition. The licensing officer will check the different parts of you moto (flasher, brake/front lights, insurance vignette, declaration etc.)
  6. ‘L’ – big ones attached one in front and other in back
  7. Helmet, of course
  8. Two Photo Passports

Tips for Passing Motorcycle Driving Test Mauritius

  • Always put the lights on whilst driving. Failure to do so will result in offence
  • Use flasher and hand signals as required during the road test
  • Pay careful attention during the road test concerning the ‘famous’ No Entry Trap
  • Practice a lot the ‘slow ride’ test

If you put your foot down in the Serpentine Test, you get one change to restart. However if you commit the same mistake, you fail and won’t do the Road test. In this case you have to take another appointment. This test is carried out in the ‘Basketball field’ at Casernes. The longest motocycle is taken first in order to get the distance in between the Traffic Cones.

In the road test, if you fall into the trap (no entry or not giving signals etc.), you fail to get you Motocycle driving license, despite you passed the Serpentine Test. In this case, you have to take another appointment.

IF YOU PASS, the Licensing officer will congratulate you and give you some nice advice about driving Motocycles in the Mauritian Roads:

  • be very careful whilst driving on the road
  • wear fluorescent jackets whilst driving at night
  • If you do not pay declaration/l’assurance and get caught, your Driving license get suspended straight away

Then you will get a Driving Certificate Form whilst you will wait to get the new Driving license, which you will have to fetch at Casernes after around 2 weeks..

Bonne Route and all the best to New Drivers!



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