Talking about the Maiden Cup to a member of the Gujadhur family is like waking up a sensitive point. The tradition that must be perpetuated is always to be well represented, because winning the Blue Ribbon has always been the equivalent of a pearl in a jewel, that of the electric blue helmet. That’s why on Sunday we had Enaad, just before it was Vettel and, a little further, the Senor Versace and Solar Symbol.
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What about Enaad, the twentieth pearl of the Gujadhur stable? Those who knew Il Saggiatore soon began to compare Enaad to the latter. Rightly because what he did on Sunday in a final straight line is simply impressive. His explosiveness, his ease and the ease with which he deposited his opponents marked the turfists. And we are already talking about the birth of a great champion. This is just the beginning, as Enaad was only on his third outing on our turf.

Yet, even though he had been set up as the favorite of this edition of the Maiden Cup, nothing predicted a perfect race for Enaad. In the first place, there was the reunification of the Parachute Man-Rai Joorawon duo which was frightening. For we had not forgotten the demonstration of this pair in 2016. When Parachute Man insisted and took the command downhill, the scenery was planted. Right behind, Dream Forest (S. Bussunt) was second on the bars with Scotsnog (N. Teeha) on the outside. Disco Al (I. Chisty) had placed himself in fourth place, taking in his wake Qatar Springs (C.Segeon) and Tabreek (D.Dillon). Mountain Master (R. Khathi) had Enaad (S. Arnold) outside, while Trackmaster (K. Ramsamy), Solar Star (N. Juglall) and ML Jet (Y. Emamdee) closed the procession.