Historic day for the Gujadhur stable. The electric blue jacket has achieved the grand slam after his victory in the Gold Cup in the Champ de Mars this Saturday afternoon October 28.

After the Duchess, the Barbé Cup and the Maiden Cup, the oldest team in the Mauritian turf won the fourth and final classic of the season thanks to Ready to Attack.

Driven by Imran Chisty, the steed of the Gujadhur team dominated Scotsnog (Gilbert Rousset) to win the Golden Cup. Ompth and Easy Lover, both of Jean-Michel Henry’s team, finished in third and fourth place respectively. Already winner of the Duchess of York Cup this season, Ready to Attack has waited the last meters to begin its attack and win this race over 1600m. The first choice of the Gujadhur team in this event, Enaad, winner of the Maiden Cup this season, found the 1600 meters too short for his abilities. The third representative of the electric blue jacket engaged in this event, Tandragee – winner of the Barbé Cup this season – had directed operations after the start. But he seems to have had trouble in the race. With this victory, the Gujadhur team made history by becoming the first team to achieve the grand slam of the country since independence. Previously, the only establishment to have achieved such a feat was the Gujadhur Stable itself in 1934. That year, Amurdeeal Gujadhur – the uncle of Ramapatee Gujadhur, the current coach of this stable – had appropriated the four classic events of the Mauritian horse calendar with the mare Winking.