Dear Readers, 4 years of blogging already!!

Let me wish you and your family a Merry Christmas 2011….

Well, you might have noticed the new iTheme activated. Most of my output will be from Apple Products, hence that’s why the blog design’s also changed to reflect the new theme.

Some stats about my blog, currently powered by WordPress 3.3:


Total Posts: 300 (yeah!!)

Total Comments: 979

Top Post: University of Mauritius 2011

Best Photography Post: At Champ de Mars for National Day Celebrations 2011

Best Comment: From Kishan concerning Working at Accenture IT (Mauritius)

Personally, 2011 was the year of Graduating, hence the best posts in this category are:

The Graduation Ceremonies 2011

Nice University of Mauritius Time

Garaz Developeur XMas Party

It is with great satisfaction that we were gathered at Garaz Developeur to celebrate XMas. As expected Geek Talk, Codes, Business Models, Web 2.0 in Mauritius were the main topics during the small party.

That’s it, enjoy the festive mood dear friends…

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