Believe me, it was a hell of a time last Saturday 14 (Valentine’s Day). I was watching Inside Man on TV and wow, it was very terrifying moments. To my unpleasant surprise, my livebox  was Dead 🙁 snif snif

Back to the stone age…

Today got advice from the MT technician to henceforth disconnect the device from power in case such events re-occur.

Well, after getting back the internet connection,

  • me checked my gmail: got nice contacts from my blog (Thesis on M’tian bloggers) and portal (BCS exams 2009).
  • updated my Google Calendar – Tuesday no lectures and replacement class and test postponement
  • logged in on the chat, for a few hi, hello
  • checked facebook friend requests (phew, the network of friends/relatives is growing :D)
  • checked lecture notes on CSE website
  • and now updating my blog!

Let’s get back to work as a Web Worker now !

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