It feels great to be reviving my blog in 2017. Doing a bit research on the previous blog posts, i found that back in Dec. 2010, I had written on my year in review. Well, since then many things have changed! 2017 has been marked by the arrival of my Macbook Pro (looking up for Credit Facilities with Pricegury + Cim Finance), purchase of HP Pavillon Laptop + tablet, setting up of Home Office with MyT Fibre Optics connection (after month of waiting from them – had applied on 5th June 2017, got the installation done after more than 4 months of waiting!). My personal goals are highlighted in Red. the most urgent goal being: Complete MSc Information Technology Dissertation

How 12 months have elapsed in 2017, here is my personal Retrospective:

Website Design and Development (Web Developer) in Mauritius – The creation of the official website of AEA Training Centre (Port Louis) has been a good experience in 2017. It also involved doing Digital Marketing Consulting and the creation of an Online Booking platform for ACCA exams. Had the opportunity to train staff to start using the system. – Online Digital Marketing of a new brand of Pickles in Mauritius. Home Made ranging from Achards Bilimbi, Coeur de Moiselle to – Achards Roselle, Marmelade Roselle and Roselle Juice. – Design and Development of an eCommerce Store for Mauritians. Launched in end April 2017, the store presents a wide variety of products in different categories: home and garden, electronic appliances etc. |

Update of the official website of Identical Pictures, a One-stop-Shop for Service Film Production. The local line production company responsible for Serenity, the first hollywood movie to be shot in Mauritius Island. – design and development of Restaurant Website for one of the famous restaurants in Trou aux Biches. Specialised in Mauritian Cuisine. – The creation of an online Fashion Boutique featuring – TShirts (personalissable), Jewellery, Sunglasses, Hats, Makeup and many more Fashion and Accessories and Apparel related. Launched on 24th Nov. 2017, the store targets Mauritian citizens. – The creation of a new Novelty Trends online shopping store with different cool collections available online. Launched on 31st Dec. 2017, the store targets youngsters in USA. Certified Digital Marketing Course – 5th July till 4th October 2017. Offered by Digital Marketing Institute, this is a really professional course to become certified as a Digital Marketing Professional. the different modules covered are: Pay per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, Digital Display Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, Strategy and Planning.

My Personal Goal: To become a Certified Digital Marketer.

Interesting Personalities Discovered in the field of Digital Marketing include: Dan Lok (Canada) – interesting book F.U Money, Adam Reed (UK), Stefan James (Canada), Franklin Hatchett (New Zealand), David Vu, Tod Trev

2018 Goals: Launch of,,

New YouTube Channel

2018 Goals: Regularly upload new videos on Youtube every week

Reach at least 1000 subscribers . Reach 20,000 views on the channel


Design and Development of Applications for Smartphones (Android)

Feeling very happy to finally see 4 Android apps launched on the Google Play Store. Zasar Moris, Gato Moris, Mauritian Cuisine, MorisDrinks.

Marketplaces Management

eBay UK Account Management

Online sales of Superfoods Products on eBay Account Management

Online sales of Baby Products for USA market

2018 Goal: Create a teaching course on Digital Marketing


Creation of Amazon Europe Account.

Amazon Prime Student Account.

Online sales of Tees.

CRM Consulting

Customer Relationship Management Consulting for

Custom Software Development in Mauritius

Design and Development of a Quotation application for Insurance Agents for a reputed Life Insurance company in Mauritius

Performing Arts in Mauritius (Drama/Theatre)

Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja

The full length play written by Bharatendu Harishchandra has been staged by the Academy of Performing Arts on the occasion of World Hindi Day 2017.

Gandhi Ji Satyagraha Short Street Play production

Arrival of theatre expert Mr. Mahendrapratap Singh in the field of Bhojpuri. Academy of Performing Arts helped the staging of a production based on Champaran Movement

Kaissa Padossi

Had the opportunity to produce a solo performance at the occasion of Creative Writing Workshop organised by the World Hindi Secretariat. It was the hindi version of the Award winning play in Bhojpuri Kaisan Padosan. More info on the 2-day workshop can be found in the blog ‘Hindi in Mauritius‘.

National Diwali Show 2017 at MGI, Moka Football playground

Had the opportunity to be performing in the enactment Ram, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman. Film Shooting.

Commemoration of the Arrival of Indentured Labourers

Slideshow Presentation with Videos and Bhojpuri Geet Gawai School (Petit Raffray)

Film Production in Mauritius

Documentary Short Film

Academy of Performing Art’s “The Legend of Maheshwarnath Shivala” short film in Hindi/Bhojpuri, written and directed by Mahesh Ramjeeawon, won the third prize at a National Competition organised by National Heritage Fund in collaboration with the Mauritius Film Development Corporation. Performed role as Director of Photography and Editor.

Fiction Short Film Production

“La Santé avant tout’ – Short Film on the ‘Care of our Health, No to Passive Smoking’ – 7 Day Challenge organised by the MFDC. in the 2017 edition, performed the role of editor.

Aaj ke Jawan 

Featured in MBC Programme – Aaj ke Jawan. Presented by Abhi Oudoye. Theme: Digital Marketer and theatre. Shot in July 2017.

La Foire des Artistes

Featured on TV for la Foire des Artistes. Artistes/Painter drawing my Portrait.

Rent Luxury Villa in Mauritius for Upcoming Holidays – Beachfront House in the south of the island at Riambel Rent Villa with Private Swimming Pool in Pereybere Rent Luxury Villas with Private Swimming Pool in Pereybere, very close to the public beach


Wedding Destination at Luxury Villa in Mauritius at Trou aux Biches

Proposal of Photobook designed