The bright Monday of 4 May shines with many university students talking about exams tips, notes for revision, auto-message on MSN, appearing off-line, and sending best wishes for exams.

At the university, the desks and necessary room arrangements have been made to permit students sit for their finals, under exams conditions. No doubt, most of us are in the following situation:

During this crucial time period, students will be expected to give the best of themselves. The time will come when we will be handed the exam papers and either we smile at them or the paper smile at us, sarcastically!

Our greatest lethal weapon in the examinations room:

Some quotes from the University of Mauritius, examinations policy:

Before Examination

(a)        Requests from students, suffering from physical disability or otherwise, for additional time during examination, should be lodged in writing to the Dean of Faculty/Director of Centre, who will submit same for consideration and approval to the relevant Faculty/Centre/Cluster       Board and Senate provided such requests are supported by valid medical certificates. Such        requests should be submitted at latest two(2) weeks prior to the start of examinations.

(c)        Students shall be responsible for noting correctly the times and places of their examinations.  No special arrangements shall be made for students who fail to attend examination at the proper time, if such failure is due to their mistake or inadvertance and not to illness or other serious and unavoidable cause.

(ii)        During Examinations

Failure to comply shall be an offence liable to disciplinary       action. In case a student has forgotten his/her ID card he/she will be requested to fill a form    and the invigilators will record same in the Examination Conduct Report.

Damn, bring your student ID!

(b)        Personal effects such as handbags or briefcases should be deposited, entirely at student’s     own risk, in the area(s) designated by the invigilator(s). Students are strongly advised not to         bring unnecessary personal effects or other sundry items to the examination room.

(c)        Students shall be admitted to the examination room in sufficient time to enable them to take their seats and secure the examination papers before the beginning of the examination.

(d)        Except in an emergency, a student may not leave the examination room within the first half             hour of the examination.

(e)        Students should not leave the examination room during the examination in any case without informing the invigilators.

(f)        A student who arrives at an examination room half an hour after the examination has begun shall be admitted provided no other candidate for the same examination has left the room.  If another student for the same examination has already left the room the late-comer shall not be admitted.

(g)        A student who is admitted to an examination after the official starting time thereof shall not be granted any additional time in which to complete the examination.

  1. Unauthorised            materials or information must not be introduced into the examination room by any means            whatsoever.

(i)         No mobile phones or any other communication device should be in the possession of the     students during examinations; these should be switched off prior to storage.

(j)         Smoking is prohibited in examination rooms. No food should be brought into the examination rooms.

(k)        Students are forbidden to communicate with anyone except an invigilator during the examinations.

(l)         Answers to questions must be written legibly in blue or black ink.

(m)       If the use of calculators in an examination is authorised, such calculators shall be silent:

  • Calculators with facilities for storing and retrieving text, graphical calculators, personal organisers, dictionaries, thesauruses, language translators and computes, and other devices capable of communicating directly with other similar devices are not permitted in examinations.
  • Any Student found using an unauthorised calculator in an examination will be reported for breach of Examination Regulations. The device will be immediately confiscated and the University will be under no obligation to issue the student with a replacement device for the remainder of the examination.

(iii)       After Examinations

No answer book or supplementary sheet shall be taken out of the examination room.  A student in possession of any answer book or part of it, or a supplementary sheet (used or unused), shall be liable to disciplinary action.

Academic Dishonesty

I think we are mature enough to refrain from Academic dishonesty which are considered as serious offence in the academic world. If you are yet unfamiliar with the term, chapter 8 is to be read. Avoid cheating, especially if we have the dean of FOE sitting in the Disciplinary Committee!

Exams Best wishes

May God be with you for all the exams. Bon Courage and not Bonne Chance because through your hard work, you’ll not rely on Lady Luck but on the systematic, hard-toiled work carried out during the 30 academic weeks.

Aller prepare your weapons and heavy artillery well…….Happy Revision! 😀

(Image:, wikipedia)

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