I was having a nice chat with my uni best-friend and was asked to give few pieces of advice in order to boost her up. Then I remembered the chart glued on the wall of my study-room which I often read and answer. I made a reference to this and tried to explain (and motivate) how this control chart has significantly contributed to my academic success. I do hope that you also, you will find it very helpful and something to motivate you towards your journey to academic excellence.

Personality Control Chart

As a student, ask yourself these following questions everyday. If you use this Personality Control Chart, you will grow up to be successful, peaceful and happy. Your life is your responsibility. Make it or break it. Your parents may not be with you to take responsibility of your life.


Here are the questions to be asked and answered daily by you:

  1. How much time and energy did I spend on my studies today?
  2. How much of time and energy was wasted surfing, idle gossip, T.V. and unnecessary reading material etc.
  3. What are my weak subjects? Am I using the power of repetition to overcome my weak subjects with the aid of a senior?
  4. Am I training myself to wake up early in the morning to study?
  5. Am I a slave to watching unnecessary programmes on T.V?
  6. Am I studying daily or waiting for exams to come near?
  7. Did I set a goal to reach the “A” symbol culminating in First Class First Division Honours?
  8. Did I make adjustments in my lifestyle to spend maximum time and energy in my studies as a student?
  9. Am I aware that when I grow up, my earnings will depend on what efforts I put into my studies now?
  10. Did I choose to bear the pin of discipline or pain of regret?
  11. Am I breaking my habit before it breaks me?
  12. Did I over-eat today? Over-eating affects your studies because concentration gets impaired, as, much of your energy has to go to digest your food.
  13. Have I transcended the personality barriers in the art of listening? Is my focus on who is talking or what is being spoken?
  14. Do I feel for others as I feel for myself?
  15. Am I grateful, caring and tender to my parents in thought, word and deed?
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