Legal Function

Writing of memos

Attend to legal research, and provide legal support to queries

Keeping abreast of and up-to-date on legislations, updates and amendments

Reading, interpretation and implementation of laws, regulations, circulars etc

Drafting and review of contracts and constitutive documents

Conduct legal due diligence and company search

Assist in implementation of FATCA & CRS

Conduct training inhouse

Conduct company secretarial work for group companies

Handle court orders and inspections from courts

Assistance on litigation and disputes, if required

Develop, codify, maintain and centralise company policies, processes and procedures

Drafting of manuals

Devising and enhancing templates

Assist in managing risks and devising internal controls and risk management framework of the organisation

Dealing with regulators, authorities, banks and courts

Handle inspections from authorities and third parties
Handle investigations, notices, enforcement notices, warnings
Handle sanctions, penalties, request for information, breaches, misrepresentations and undertakings
Handle disengagements

Business Development
& Marketing

Preparation of news release, newsletter, articles & memos

Assist on business development and work on engagement letters and onboarding agreements


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