1. London College of Accountancy (LCA)

LCA has assisted a number of Mauritian students to become qualified accountants. As you are aware, we have conducted Revision Courses in Mauritius for the ACCA exams.

LCA Mauritius has been awarded the Platinum Approved Learning Partners certification. This award gives formal recognition to leading tuition providers of the quality tuition and support they offer to ACCA students.

Here is the timetable for Port Louis Campus and Ebene Campus

acca timetable january 2018-ebene ft

acca timetable january 2018-ebene pt

acca timetable january 2018 – p-louis ft

acca timetable january 2018 – p-louis pt

2. BSP School of Accountancy & Management

BSP School of Accountancy & Management extends a warm welcome to all students who wish to pursue their higher education and gain practical training in the field of Accountancy, Management and Audit. Our diverse range of courses, both actual and forthcoming, cater to the needs of all students who wish to study accountancy and management. At BSP School we ensure that the students get value for money training of the highest professional and academic standards.

Here is the timetable for Port Louis Campus, Rose Belle Campus and Goodlands campus.



3. AEA Training Centre

AEA ttutors have individually demonstrated their effective and efficient lecturing abilities by producing the best performing students with the highest marks nationally. Some students have achieved excellent performance despite they have never done accounting at secondary level, given that we start everything from scratch in the first level.

4. Sagittarius – Centre for IT and Business Studies

The main operation of Sagittarius is to offer semi-professional and professional courses to candidates who have already completed college. The courses are run as full-time, Part-time, Evenings course and during Weekends. As the majority of the target student population are in full-time employment.