• As proposed during meeting held under the Chairmanship of Hons. P. Roopun Minister of Arts and Culture, Divali will be celebrated from Saturday 14 October 2017.

    Comprising the following items:
    – Culinary Festival;
    – Rangoli demonstration;
    – Fashion show;
    – Demonstration diya painting by Centre de Formation Artistique for children
    – Lighting of Lamp; and
    – A Gala show

  • Venue – Football ground of MGI Moka
    Cultural Programme by :- MGI, IGCIC, and Cultural Centres
    MTPA, Local Authorities, Hotel School of Mauritius, Commercial Centres, Tourism Authority.
  • Proposals

    The culinary festival will be held at same venue on the parking space so as to show the multi-cultural aspect of Mauritius in the context of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Mauritius.

    The participants will be Cultural Centres and the Hotel School of Mauritius

    Fashion and Design Institute will b contacted in connection with the fashion show.

    Buses will be provided for the cultural show.

  • A proposed programme for the festival will be as follows:

    Date                                                                      Time                                                 Programme
    Saturday  14 October 2017                               10 00 hrs                                            Opening Ceremony of Culinary festival and                                                                                                                                                                        demonstrations of Rangoli and diya paintings
    14 00 hrs                                             Fashion show
    19 00 hrs                                             Lighting of Lamp
    19 05 hrs                                              Speeches
    20 05 hrs                                             Cultural Programme
    22 30 hrs                                              Fireworks Display