The festival has emerged as a major Mauritian event which is highly appreciated by Mauritians from all backgrounds and the tourists. It spreads over a period of one week involving a range of activities and culminates with the Gran Konser that attracts around 150,000 persons.

Different themes were adopted over the past 12 years:

2006  –  Selebre nou kiltir
2007  –  kreolite, Le Reveil
2008  –  Liberte-Egalite-Fierte
2009  –  Viv to Kreolite
2010  –  Selebre Nu Kreolite Ensam
2011  –  Kiltir Kreol, Nou Fierte
2012    Kreolite nou lidantite
2013  –  Nu pei – Nu kiltir – nu kreolite
2014  –  Kreolite dan la modernite
2015  –  10ème Edision FIK
2016  –  Kreolite ciman nou la nasion
2017  –  Kreolite-Linite

The 12th Edition of the Festival International Kreol would be held from 17 to 26 November 2017 under the theme ‘Kreolite-Linite’.  The Festival is an annual event organised in the context of the International Creole Day. It aims at showcasing the authenticity of the Creole culture through local music, arts, language and cuisine. 

The activities that would be organised include: a ‘Sware Poezi’ at L’Aventure du Sucre to illustrate the beauty and the richness of the Creole language
a conference with international and local speakers on the theme ‘Kreolite-Linite’; and a concert ‘Sega Lontan’ at Petite Rivière with the participation of local sega pioneers to revive the traditional sega.

Other activities comprise: a culinary exhibition and regatta competition at Mahebourg Waterfront; an artistic exhibition at the Central Market of Port Louis; a ‘Sware Tipik’ at Le Morne Public Beach; and
 a ‘Sware Konser’ on 25 November 2017 from 18 00 hours to midnight at Mont Choisy Public Beach, Flacq Centre, Bambous Stadium and Port Louis.