Last year, I was performing in: Transport Gratis! It was a great fun to be in a mini bus, proudly holding the small flag and shouting : ‘Transport Gratis, Trasport Gratis’ along with other actors/actresses in the transport.

This year, I have the opportunity to enact in the scenario of the Administration of the French in M’tius.  And the cool stuff is that, in the cultural show, my fleet will be the first 😀

10 March 09: A Stage rehearsal. The podium was already built. The MGI and Fracois Mitterand artists were rehearsing. Other artists were also present and preparing for the grand day. The first Aiders were present.

11 March 09: Got my costumes. pretty cool! Today another rehearsal is scheduled. Gonna be fun 😀

Oops major rectification. I just had the rehearsal with costumes and all that! My part is not on the French administration. Its the float of Municipality of Port Louis. The vehicle will be very nicely set up. The setting is still under construction but I am sure it will be completed in the coming hours.

In fact, my acting is about Acting at Port Louis Theatre. Ya, I will be holding Swords! so Watch out 😀

Trying out my new costume! The sword is real...

12 March 09:

Today is the Grand Jour. Happy National Independence Day to everyone. Proud to be Mauritian. A big bus came to fetch all the artists. We reached Champ de Mars happily. I don’t know why, I was thinking of sword fighting of Pirates des Caraïbes during the voyage. Well, we finally reached our destination. After we have been allocated our respecting class in Port Louis SSS (now it has been renamed), we were required to test-practice in our very beautifully decorated float!

Then time for make-up!

and here we are ready 😀 So how do I look? (wink wink)

Time to get on the action now! Here we are on the track and we wait for our turn…

watching the holicopters in the meanwhile..

Image Courtesy: (Photo: Vijay Dhunputh)

and the firings..

finally here we enter the scene. Honestly it was a bit difficult to act on a moving truck. Was feeling a bit afraid of any sudden stop or acceleration on the part of the driver who has received instructions carefully. The fun part was how the truck driver and Official got into the truck? notice that the Dodo edifice covered the two doors on the side. 😀

Image Courtesy: (Photo: Vijay Dhunputh)

It was cool intensive fighting. At the same time maintain balance and concentrate whilst having the temptation to be distracted and have a look around. Then came the part when the truck passed near the General Public. As usual, comments were being shouted:

Oh la les Piratessssssssssss!


Pirates Des Caraibes

Capitain Jack Sparrow!

Coup so licou!

etc etc

Finally, whilst we were having dinner at the college, we were delighted to watch the fireworks live before us which started at 20:00 to end at 20:15 approx.

Image Courtesy: (Photo: Vijay Dhunputh)

Overall, it was an amazing new experience and greater pride and much more feeling of patriotism when you form part of a National Cultural Show …..Long Live the Key and Star of the Indian Ocean!

3 Cheers for the Republic of Mauritius………..

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