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In yesterday’s Software Engineering class, our lecturer asked an interesting question: ” So what is your Credential? Often when you will go for interviews, you will get the question: Ok you have a University degree, but what additionals do you have?”

Do you students have any additional technical certification like Cisco, Microsoft etc? Then very interestingly, he talked about the advantage of putting into your CV the projects that one has done and which is live. He finds it a great advantage for University students to have developed Websites, Commercial Applications, Graphic designs etc, which is all a display of additional skills. “I know many of students who do Freelance Developer, Graphic Designer etc.”

Then this triggered into my mind that: I should have a new Category called Freelance (maybe) where I share the goodness of being a Freelance Developer. Interesting blog posts would include interactions between clients, project development – the fun and the constraints, coping with studies and freelancing etc. In brief, how is the Freelance experience?

To admit, I have been greatly inspired by yesterday’s class. I confirm that it was a good idea of mine to not only be a University student where my world revolves around academia- books, magazines, articles, academic writing, presentations, tests/exams etc. I wanted to earn some commercial experience at the same time to make myself  more “marketable”.

So keep connected, in the coming posts, I will start to share ups and downs of the Freelance experience…..

Note: Maybe if you are reading this post and you are also a University student, I would advise you to give freelancing a try. There is nothing bad in earning some bucks on your own maybe to buy in some expensive university books or something on Amazon. At the end of second year at the university one must be ready to do something and freelancing (marketing your products with clients) is a good opportunity. Is n’t it?