The UoM Sports Unit in close collaboration with the UoM Body Building and Fitness club Organised the annual “Mr University” Competition on Thursday 05 October 2017 at the POWA between 12:00hrs-15:00hrs.

Highlights of Mr UOM/ Mr Fitness 2017:

Video of Mr Daren Suppanee



The grand finale of Miss UOM 2017 was held at the auditorium Paul Octave Wiehe Friday, October 06. The holder of the 2016 title is none other than our Miss Mauritius 2017, Anne Murielle Ravina. The Rays Club in close collaboration with the Students’ Union 2016/17 has hosted its major and signature show : THE MISS UNIVERSITY OF MAURITIUS – Road to the final.

The theme of the Miss University of Mauritius 2017 is ‘A Girl, An Ocean’.

What is the hidden meaning?

There is no doubt that there is great value assigned to external beauty. For some how they look physically is simply an expression and celebration of their internal beauty, but often those who are physically attractive are emotionally unattractive. To be beautiful inside and out, you must possess more than a pretty shell.
The theme is meant to show that the real beauty of a woman is much more than a flawless face and perfect body.

The 10 understated qualities of a truly beautiful woman are :
elegance, kindness, composure, courage, confident, deliberate, intelligent, humble, honest and loving.

Titles awarded :

� Miss University of Mauritius
� 2nd Runner-Up
� 1st Runner-Up
� Miss Talent
� Miss Sourire
� Miss Télégénie
� Mis Photogénie
� Miss Amitié
� Miss Elégance
� Miss Popular (Newly included to the competition) 

Miss Uom 2017- Tracy Lee
1st Runner up- Speville Anna
2nd Runner up- Shivani Pudaruth

Here are some pictures: