7 years have gone in the routine life of:

5.00 am: beepp, wake up and get ready for school

7.00 – 8.00am: Travel (transport gratuit)

8.00a – 2.30pm: 8 or 9 study periods according to the school timetable

2.30- 3.30: Travel (or kasse ene poz lor lagare)

4.00-5.30 or 3.00 – 4.30: Tuition

5.00 – 6.00: Travel back home

6.00-8.00: Home – relax, dinner, news on TV

8.30 – 10.30: Homework

and so on until Saturdays and Sundays come where still you avoid going to Weddings or other events, why? because of Tuitions!

But now that you have secured admission at the Prestigious University of Mauritius, I would like to wish you a Warm Welcome to this new world! Believe me, when I remember the above mentioned routine college life (me it was more tough since I was competing for State Scholarship, euhh which i won finally :)), I get sick, because it was a life characterised by No Freedom, you are programmed to do this and that at particular time. You keep focused on passing either the school exams or the A-Level, O-Level papers. Freshers 2010/2011, congrats, you are now leaving this boring, dull routine life for a more exciting one, for a more dynamic and challenging one: That of University Student Life! Welcome to the Club guys/ girls!

Let me guess: You must be between 17 to 19 years old, you spent a great college life between friends and few girlfriends/boyfriends here and there, you have worked hard for your A-level and looking forward for further studies instead of entering the world of work directly, and finally you chose University of Mauritius. If so, please read my previous blog post for freshers 2009/2010 and this article is a continuation of that. Similarly, other interesting blog posts related to UoM include: Video Editing Skills for University Presentations, Prof Konrad Morgan: Vice-Chancellor at UoM, UoM- Money-making institution?, Go: Final exams in May, TNT Express, Ceridian, Acca, Active societies on the UoM campus and many more

So here we are, I have been sharing the goodness of being a University of Mauritius student on this blog of mine since 2007. My final semester to go and final exams, as from next year, I don’t know on what will my blog be focussed on? maybe on freelance web developer or Apple fanboy…Anyway, i will revisit the blog posts in the UoM category with great nostalgia, that’s for sure. To all the readers out there, it has been a great pleasure reading your comments and replying to them. I hope that even after University, I will still be blogging on something that interests you and your curious mind.

A few pieces of advice for Freshers 2010/2011:

New University Life

Firstly say Goodbye to the teen years spent in teacher-student relationship. You are now going to embark into a more mature relationship between Lecturer-University Student, and that one is totally different, yes, you can believe me. Lecturers don’t give home tuitions or any spoonfeeding attitude. Normally, they are bright academics with either a Masters degree or even Doctor or MPhil. Some are geniuses who talk in abstract language with you whilst others might be demanding ones requiring independent thinking on your part.

Secondly, your new study places: Classes and Lecture Theatres. These are not anymore the college classes where compulsory attendance is taken. Here, you are mature enough to choose by yourself whether you want to enter the lecture or spend your time in the library or near bassin-canard with friends. However note that UoM has implemented 80% compulsory attendance, failure of which can disqualify you to sit for the exams

For some modules with large cohorts, you will be going in very nice lecture theaters. Believe me there are only powerpoint and sometimes merely notes given to you to take. No longer is the time where your teacher used to explain the chapter to you very meticulously so that the only thing left is comprehension and ability to tackle questions. At university its different. Lecturers foster the culture of making you become independent of them, forcing you to go read books by yourself, go and understand the chapter by yourself. They only act as a Guide and not as a :

Breast Feeder!

Thirdly, Enjoy the modules that you are studying. You must choose a course which YOU WANT TO DO, and for which you are prepared to have a career in it. Study hard to earn this degree! However, don’t do like this:

Be disciplined. Don’t spend your university leisure time so much that you don’t put a balance with study time. By adapting to the new university life, you will realise that you have to practice sound Time Management.

and finally, meet new friends, they will be here with you for 3 years now, doing group assignments together and having fun together…

The first contact will be probably be made at the Orientation week from 2 to 6 August 2010, the dates being as follows:

Faculty of Engineering – Wednesday 4 August

Faculty of Law & Management – Thursday 5 August. (Maybe I will come on this day)

That’s all for now folks, for any more, please do not hesitate to jot down comments, it’s free and easy!


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