2006 – the HSC results are out and its quite promising:

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Then, as all other students wanting to go for higher studies, the idea came into my mind to search online for the student life experience at the University of Mauritius. How is this new life about, do we have to study harder as there is no ‘spoonfeeding’, no tuitions, how is it overall about University?!?!?.. and many more questions… I did a Google Search and felt nice to read certain articles from students like: 3 memorable years of yashvin at uom and informative posts from uom students like Joomla Installation, as well as from Lecturers – noulakaz.net etc.  (BTW, for interesting photos about university life, check out ‘FJ Gaylor Photography‘.)


Pleasantly surprised by how there is at least a few number of bloggers writing about the Uni student life, I decided to start sharing the goodness of being a UoM student, from the first year itself (2007).  Since then, I have been posting more than 50 articles in categories: Uni Student Life and University of Mauritius and received lots of interesting, constructive comments all year round. Blogging on the student life (inclusive of that of the BCS exams) have been a fruitful experience-got to make new contacts, enhance communication skills and last but not the least, enjoy the web more passionately!

Its even with more prestige to be in the shoes of a Uni blogger when you get to meet classmates and other friends showering compliments on blog posts. I am proud for having achieved this target with some of the most successful posts being:

Well folks, I think this is it! Personally IMHO the Mission Uni Blogging is successful. I am gonna change the orientation of the blog towards the world of work now as Time has kicked my out of the Campus. The celebrations of an Upper Second Class Honours degree achievement are on till then.. Great moment of nostalgia. I have seen blogs of other friends emerging but finally remain as dormant as the Trou aux Cerfs volcano. The question I oftenly used to get from my blog readers ‘hey how do you get time for blogging and all that?!?’. Well, I am simply passionate in what I do.

I would like to end up with the excerpt of the UoM VC concerning his opinion on my blog:

I have known Ashesh for over a year and during that time I have been very impressed by his skills and dedication running his blog and web site. I have also noted his generosity and concern for his fellow students at the University in making sure his web site provided useful information and in his frequent suggestions on how to improve the University. I thank him for these contributions…

With these words, time to join the UoM Alumni and hope my blog will remain a good reference for prospective UoM students!

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